Track your
business goals

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Track your company performance.

Avoid complex software with unnecessary information, and follow the key indicators.

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Have quick access to
the numbers that are
important to you.
You can update the metrics
yourself, or someone from your team
or automatically using an API.
Create the metrics you need
and choose the name you like.
Share blocks with
other people
interested in your business.
Whenever someone
updates a metric
you get notified.

Recommended KPIs

We have a collection of templates that you can use as a starting point for creating your indicator.

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Every KPI has a description
and examples
so you can choose the most appropiate
for your business.
You can choose
a time frame for your indicator.
Discober metrics that
can help you
and your business.
Choose who

can update your metrics
decide when they should be updated.

Analyze the numbers on time

It is extremely easy!

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Do you want to have
more information about that number?
A simple graph can show it to you.
We don't want complex analysis.
We want it simple!

It is easy to share!

Are you supervising and analysing your business performance? Share the numbers with the relevant stakeholders.

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