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Start by creating a KPI, we call it Block.
Add a Name and a short description.
Click, and done!
You can also create Groups, which are a logical grouping of metrics (such as "Annual Objectives" or "Alpha Project")

Then you choose an indicator type, it can be a number, simple text or a formula. The platform is designed to cover all the possible scenarios.

how it works
how it works

The last step is defining who is responsible person for updating the KPI and the frequency of update, daily, weekly or montly.

  • vos

    You can update the value yourself.

  • empleado

    An employeeWill receive an email with a link, where the indicator can be updated with just one click!

  • sistema

    Your softwareYou can easily integrate with our API for updating KPIs automatically! by using the data from any other software used in your company.

You can share your KPIs with stakeholders. You only need their email address. You have full control on what you share and with who you share it.

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